Balancing the Elemental Chakras with Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Smith (Dharambir Kaur)

Friday, Mar 8, 2013 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Virayoga Street Studio

Friday, March 8, 2013

In this workshop we will cleanse and revitalize the energetic areas of our bodies known as the chakras. Each one carries its own physical, emotional, and psychological correlations. By tapping into where we are in each center, we can shed light on our habits, heal, and grow. Each week in this series will work on a different chakra, so while drop-ins are welcome, doing the entire series is strongly recommended. Kundalini Yoga uses pranayama, yogic postures, and meditation to help maintain a healthy spine, as well as strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. Each class will allow one become aware of much more than just the strength of the body. It helps facilitate a change for the whole being. Kundalini Yoga is a science of the flow of breath, and movement of life.

Cost: $20/session
Mar 8

Nicole Smith (Dharambir Kaur) is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher who has led classes and workshops at Golden Bridge NYC, Elevate Yoga, Blue Moon Yoga, and universities across the country. “Nicole is patient, intuitive, and thoughtful in her approach as a teacher and spiritual healer. She is sensitive to the needs of all participants: a generous, compassionate educator who finds a delicate way to bridge the divide between a modern-day lifestyle and these practices that were formed so long ago. One leaves the practice awake, centered, and at peace.” For over a decade, she has also studied and been dedicated to many disciplines of yoga, including Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Anusara, and various other healing mind-body practices. A professional dancer, educator and choreographer, Nicole‚Äôs love of alignment therapy, as well as the power of our imagination and intuition, found a perfect match with the beautiful science of Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan. For more information visit Nicole’s facebook page