Annex Studio

To PAY and PRE-REGISTER please do one of the following:
- click on the semi-private title, then
- click the add to cart button for the session you'd like to attend
OR email with your NAME, PHONE, SESSION'S DATE and TIME and your credit card information, OR visit the studio to pre-register at the desk.

If you are using a class series, please email with your NAME, PHONE, SESSION'S DATE and TIME.
*please respect our 48-hour cancellation policy* THANK YOU!
**if a session does not meet the minimum student requirement we may contact you and issue a full refund 48 hours before the workshop

Annex Semi-Private Fees

Semi-Private Pricing
Semi-private Session Pricing$40 (unless otherwise noted)
Prenatal Pricing$25 or 1 class from your class series +$10
Restoratives Pricing$30 or 2 classes from your 10/20 class series
Mat Rental$2

Annex Semi-Private Descriptions

BEGINNERSan informative, respectful practice for newer students.
OPENa more intense, flowing practice for students of all levels.
RESTORATIVEa healing and nourishing practice for all levels.
PRENATALa practice to learn how and why to adjust your postures, poses and breathing to enhance your experience of the prenatal state.
SLOW DOWNa practice to slow down and go deeper into your experience and relate the practice to your day to day life.
ALIGNMENTan open exploration of alignment and health.
ADVANCEDrequires an understanding of the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment™.

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